Jackpot 6000

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This slot machine has a very straight-forward name. You see, the jackpot of this slot machine is always 6000 credits. Jackpot 6000 is a game by developer Net Entertainment, or NetEnt for short. It is a company widely known for realistic animations and video slot games, but despite Jackpot 6000 looking like the odd one in the bunch, it is still very well designed and fun to play. You play on up to ten win lines, and the chances of winning only increase once you switch on more lines. You pay 10 cents per line per turn.

Your bet determines the pay-out

Some slot machines let you win a major jackpot of millions with just one turn that you paid 20 cents for, but Jackpot 6000 is not a machine like that. How much you win is determined by how much you bet in the first place. For example, if you bet a euro for a round and you win, you earn 20 credits at the most (20 euros/gbp). The scaling on this is perfect, though, because you basically always get what you paid for (and then some). If you’re not sure about combinations, make sure to check out the summary in-game. You’ll find what symbols mean and how much they’re worth in there. The Jackpot 6000 also has a heads-or-tails feature that is optional after you’ve won. You can choose to bet it all with the chances of you doubling your earnings, or if you pick the wrong option you lose what you just won. Choose wisely!

Jackpot 6000 bonus game

Once you’ve “won” the base game, it is up to you to beat the bonus game, too. Transfer your credits to the bonus game, and strive to spin jokers. Two of these jokers will get you a “Mystery Prize”. This mystery prize can be a multiplier of anything between x10 to x6000. The maximum bet per turn is 1 GBP/ euro, so the maximum you can earn with this slot machine is 6000 GBP/ euros. Chances of winning during the bonus game are well over 98 percent, so you won’t go home empty-handed for sure. You can cash out at any time.